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10th Festival of "Moravian Smoked" and Wine

24-25th February 2024, the Castle of Veveří in Brno

How to get there:

By bus: line no. 303 Brno - Veverská Bítýška, departures here

By car:  Free parking at the castle 

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  1. Where is the Moravian Smoked Meat and Wine Festival taking place? The event takes place at Veveří Castle in Brno, see map above.
  2. Who organises the Festival? The organiser is ECEAT, the European Centre for Ecology and Tourism.
  3. Can I come with my dog? Yes, but it must be on a leash and have a basket. And it is free of charge.
  4. Can I pay by card? We are working on it. In addition, we recommend buying SMS tickets in advance so you don't have to wait in line at the box office. We will start pre-sales as soon as it is available.
  5. Is the smoked meat really good quality? These are smaller companies, producing in traditional ways, not large industrial concerns. Visitors have the opportunity to taste smoked delicacies from the best smokers in Moravia. And for comparison we sometimes bring in "out-of-towners", for example from Prague.
  6. Are wines only from Moravia? All the wineries in the wine tent are from Moravia. We prefer smaller family-owned companies. We know that our visitors demand the highest quality and unusual experiences and we are happy to offer wines that are not normally available. 
  7. Will the festival be paying with festival currency? All purchases and tastings are paid in CZK.
  8. Why is there an entrance fee? It is not in the organizers' power to realize the Festival without the contribution of visitors. At the same time, we try to provide you with not only the experience of the Festival itself, but also other benefits in the form of festival soup, competitive tasting of free smoked meat samples, "smoked" cookbooks etc. Free parking, visitor facilities, free toilets, fire baskets and a special programme are also included.